Im waiting on the new Bullit, Damn it! The wait stinks and its wearing thin. I was supposed to have it yonks ago but still nothing but a longer wait. If only i could have a firm date for its arrival?
Although i love SC and have owned 5 SC bikes so far, i think this will be my last and i reckon id bail on the idea if i didnt have the coolest brand new parts waiting to go on it.
Basically im writing this just to vent some anger, im at the point were if the guy from the LBS tells me another BS date of arrival, im probably gonna throttle him.
I wish Rob Roskopp himself was on the forums and then i could get some real answers cause its seems SC reps dont really know much about there orders at all? I mean ive heard it across the board that SC reps dont know what they are getting shipped until they get, How shonky is that?
With all the technology of today SC still cant supply on demand!