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    Canecreek DB Air on BronsonC

    Anyone running this shock yet? Love it/hate it? Looking for opinions.

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    Canecreek DB Air on BronsonC

    Subscribed. Also interested in feedback on the float x on a Bronson.
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    I have had a Cane Creek Double Barrel on 3 different SC bikes. Coils on a Heckler and Nomad and a DB Air on my Butcher. I will cut to the chase; it flat out rules and no other shock comes close in performance. I like it so much that if I was gonna switch to one of SC's newer offerings, I would pick the new Heckler simply because I could run the same shock. Yeah, it's that good. The big S specs it on their S-works Enduro and they could obviously put any shock they want on that rig. Get one and you'll thank me later.
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