Conundrum. I think Im gonna finally retire the fox dhx 5.0 coil on my '08 bullit. (blew it up again, instead of another full rebuild I wanna get something new). I have a Xfusion Vector HLR coil on my Butcher which is fantastic on that bike. Today I put the xfusion on the Bullit and took it for a spin (yes i put in a stiffer spring) and it felt really good, i like it better than the dhx.. So I called xfusion to order one, but they're out of stock until mid-March. No big deal; howver they do have the vector rc in stock, which lacks the high-speed compression (it has a preset hi speed compression built in though) and lacks the adjutable bottom-out control of the hlr. Its also $100 cheaper. It sure is tempting... but in the long run will I miss the hi-speed compression and BO control on this shock on the Bullit? I could also swap 'em; leave the HLR on the Bullit and put the RC on the Butcher, perhaps the Butcher doesnt really need the bottom-out control (I ride the Bullit for the bigger stuff anyway). So, wait a month for the HLR or get the RC now and save some $. Thoughts? ...also, if im gonna get a shock under $450 without BO control, maybe I should get the RockShox Vivid coil instead for the Bullit? any advice would be appreciated. thanks.