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    BLT Suspension Failures-Need Advise

    If there was ever I time I needed to hear from SC owners, it is now. I'll try to be brief and answer questions as they arise.

    I have been a BLT owner since August. I love the ride this bike provides. I'm no expert, but I'd say I've found FS utopia except that its been a high-maintenance nightmare. Not blaming the bike here, because I know and hear of many happy BLT riders.............

    BUT, in the short time of owned this bike, I've had 3 significant suspension related failures.
    1st: after maybe 2 months ownership, I developed a knock. Discovered to be due to broken bearing races(the one that goes throught the lower shock eye (via DU bushing, et al). Also discoverd that there was a slight amount of redial play in the DU bushing. Replaced bearings. Ordered new DU bushing from Fox
    2. Knock reappears 1-2 months (or so) later. Same bearings have broken races. Find that the associated axle pin is out of true (bent) and has worn around bearing contact points. Replaced all suspension pivot point bearings (x8) pins, etc. I'm amazed at how gritty feeling all of the old suspension bearings feel as I inspect them. Pressed in new DU bushing. Good to go, I'm riding again.

    Bike has rides flawlessly, unitl,

    3. While cleaning/lubing my bike yesterday, I notice that one of the titanium suspension links that connect the lower shock eye to the seat-post pivot is broken in half!

    At this point, I think I've had enough. I contacted SC warranties (Willie). As usual, the customer service to top-knotch, they will cover replaceent 100%, or even let me upgrade or downgrade (probably the wrong choice of words) to a different frame.

    My questions to you folks are these:
    Should I go with another BLT frame? Would it be more of the same? Should I dig a little deeper and go with a Nomad frame? This seems appealing, but the VPP has put a bad taste in my mouth. Additionally, I'd have to buy a new shock, and probably upgrade the front fork to a Fox 36. The price difference could approach $1000 (which I really don't have). Another option would be to go with a Heckler. I could keep the current shock (RP3) in doing this, but the Pro Pedal platform setting would need to be upped to "heavy" which is not user adjustable (its set up for light Pro Peda now) Single pivot suspension seems simpler and more durable.

    So much for being brief. I'd really appreciate some input from you seasoned SC riders. THX!
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    I'd take another BLT under your waranty, something sounds out of alignment with your frame. THAT is your cheap & easy route.

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    Give BLT another chance, what happened to you seems exceptional, and the new one must !!!! be all right. It is the statistics. And anyway it costs you nothing.

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    I would let them look at the frame and tell you what exactlly the problem is. If it is just a misaligned frame or frame part, then I would get another BLT. If it isn't, and the type of riding you do is just too much for the frame, I'd go with the Nomad. That's too bad Push doesn't make a block like the one they make for Intense lightweight VPP bikes. I remember the original Outland VPP bikes had to be made beefy to handle the stress on the pivots. It seems that the 6.6 and the Nomad are beefy enough(pivot parts and frame) to handle the stress on the pivots. Weight would be a factor for me, in my decision.

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    Try another BLT; sounds like frame alignment problems on that particular unit.
    The diff in ride and weight (and $$) for the Nomad (it's heavier and sluggish compared to the BLT) would have me giving the BLT a 2nd chance as 1st choice. IMHO.

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