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Thread: bike park?

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    bike park?

    Hi there,
    I'm considering a new bike, either a Heckler or a Reign, and was wondering how many of you take yours to the bike park. I'm looking for a bike for trail riding during the week and lift riding on the weekends.

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    with 5 plus something inches of travel the Heckler is on the light side for a bike park bike. I have a Nomad, which I have taken to the Whistler Bike Park. It works, but. Then I rode an 8" travel bike (Norco Shore/888 fork). What a world of difference. After than experience I got a used VP Free for the bike park. Rode it 33 days this summer in the WBP. I also use it for trail riding around home, up to 2500 feet of climbing. More than that I pull out the Nomad.

    1. If you buy a 5-6" travel bike realize that it is not a bike park bike, or
    2. Look for a used big travel bike for the park, or
    3. Those few times a year you go to the bike park rent a big bike
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    Hi man check this, you'll realize that the Heckler is the perfect compromise.
    Put an 160 mm fork and a DHX air and you are on your way.
    See what i do with my Heckler :

    For XC riding i have another pair of wheel, lighter that allow me to ride like 40-45 km and 1200 m +

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    get the heckler with a the dhx coil and a 160 mm fork ... the rest is history

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    I run my previous gen heckler with Z1s and a DHX coil down my local DH tracks and jumps, but its not a patch on my VP-Free. If your going to proper bike parks then get something more suited.

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    I rode a heckler at WBP/Fernie/Sun Peaks as well as shuttling for a 3 years, it worked well but both rider and bike take a beating, I now have a demo 7 for parks/shuttling and it makes a big difference, allthough the weight of a DH sled takes some getting used to

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    Great replies. Thanks for the help. I'm going to demo the Heckler and the Reign and make a choice from there. Thanks again.

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