My son and I have been riding a lot this summer.

It's been awesome that he shares my interest in riding.

Sometimes we ride more than (3) times a week.

He's 13, 5-9 and thin (but getting stronger fast).

He's been riding my old XL Blur Classic (shorty stem and the seat fairly low). He loves the bike, and since it's my old ride, it's great that he's using it. I've got a newer XL Lenz Moth (really tall bike).

Anyway, I've been considering getting him a Large Bronson in the 650. SHould I just save the $800 and get a Heckler instead? Does he need 5" of travel in a 650, well no, but it's fun to have.

I'd like to get him a "nice" bike which he can ride for several years. I think the 650 would be fun to own (the next new thing). I'm 6'-3" and I'm guessing he'll likely be over 6' tall in the next year or so (grow'n like a weed).

Go with the XL or L? Hold off and wait till he's done growing? Get the VPP or just settle for the (super durable) single pivot? How long are the Bronsons out on order?

thanks for any advice. It's been awhile since i've been on MTBR.