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    Anyone running a CCDBA CS on a Nomad3?


    Just got my Nomad3 with a Monarch Plus and was wondering if any of you were running the CCDBA CS on this. It looks like Santa Cruz has decided not to offer up the CCDB as an upgrade on the Nomad. When I chatted with a Santa Cruz demo guy he really raved about the Monarch being well matched to the Nomad.

    I've gotten a few rides on the Nomad and I def love it ... still playing with the air pressure and will be adding a few spacers, finding it hard to get the last bit of travel, though I haven't really smacked anything that hard yet.

    Any thoughts on the CCDBA CS versus the Monarch? Does it pedal as well as the RS but better on the downs? Just curiuos.


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    Nomad 3: Anyone running a DB Inline or DBAirCS? Thoughts?

    Ran the standard can CCDBA for a while.
    It was fine.
    Much prefer the Vivid Air on the N3 for descending and climbing.

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