I've been shopping for a new bike the last few weeks, but was in no great rush to get one. But then my frame broke yesterday, no longer under warranty (10 year old jamis dakar) - still at the shop to see if they can get a replacement part (swing arm broke).
So meanwhile I am without a bike, so that puts me in a rush to get a new one quick!
Problem is now it is mid-summer, seems most stores have limited 2014 items left and all 2015 are not in. I was looking at Kona Process, I really liked the fit, but doesn't seem any chance of getting that any time soon! I can't be without for 2 more months...
Now looking at the 5010, but wondering about size. I am 5'3". So supposedly should get a small. However I demo'd a Juliana Juno and Furtado about a month ago, both in size small, and I felt very squished up and not enough length.
I think the 5010 is the same geometry as the Furtado.
I managed to find a medium at a shop about an hour away, but couldn't demo it (was not dressed for riding and it was pouring rain). Just standing over it and sitting on it in the shop it felt like the right size. But of course I know I didn't ride it.
So I am wondering what differences I will notice between the medium and small?
And should I order one online (backcountry.com). The only LBS nearby that sells Santa Cruz the owners always give me (and others) a really bad vibe so I don't really want to buy anything from them. Next closest shop is about 45 min away.
Never ordered a bike online, I have no idea how much of it comes put together.
Ok - so this turns out longer than I thought, but not sure what to do right now, just in a panic over no bike!