Anybody know where I could find out the geometry and travel specs on an '01 SL large frame? Have there been any significant geometry and/or changes in travel since the early SL's? I'm thinking about grabbing a deal on an '08 BLT or getting a new SL and am wondering what the differences are from what I've been riding. I don't have a way to do any serious test riding of either newer frame, but I'd at least like to compare numbers.
I'm trying to decide on a new frame for XC riding, mostly technical singletrack, small drops, no raging descents (compared to what I read about here) and no jumps. I'm leaning towards the BLT (it's not a BLT2) because of the deal and I just like 'em. From what I've read here it sounds like the BLT would handle and climb as well as mine and give a smoother ride. How's the low speed handling? The extra weight isn't an issue and I like tinkering on my bikes, so the extra maintenance isn't a problem. Am I overlooking anything important?