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    Warbird 15 cable routing issues?

    Hi all,
    I've recently been putting some good mileage on my warbird. All in all its a really fun bike and i have been having a blast. I noticed something today while cleaning my bike that i need suggestions on. Cables rubbing frame down to bare metal in 2 spots. What can i use to remedy this? Should i just stop crying and keep pedaling?
    Warbird 15 cable routing issues?-img_1522.jpgWarbird 15 cable routing issues?-img_1520.jpg

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    3M Clear tape.

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    Yellow reflective tape!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volsung View Post
    Yellow reflective tape!
    Excellent! Just using a high-lighter might do the trick too! :o)
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    I've put a lizard skin protective patch on my Salsa between the frame and cables.

    Maybe move the front brake cable outside of the jagwire cable so it's not rubbing the front of the heat tube.

    It something that happens on most bikes.
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