Hey all! I have a El Santo that I'm pondering selling, '06-'07 model with the following..

Reba front with remote lock out
Manitou swinger 3 way
Avid BB7 brakes
SRAM x-9 derailers 3x9
2" Riser bar with ergon grips and bar ends
BBG bash guard
Pan racer 26 x 2.10 fire xc pro tires

Rides awesome and is a great bike but considering selling to help fund a fat bike.

I'm in Idaho and am unsure if I will be able to ride this as long as I want to and well, not as rich as I wish I was so need to consider my best option.

Complete tuneup about 100 mi ago, New cables, adjustment, chain.... I bought this this summer as a starter bike and it is SOOOO much better than I am I just can't utilize it as well as it deserves.

Was purchased from a couple who were moving out of town and had moved on to 29'ers so were not wanting to haul another up north.

Here are some dirty Picts (the bike you pervs) in the back of the old trusty toyota.

Appears that there were not a lot of these sold so difficult finding info on value and hoping you all can help.

Thanks in advance

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