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    Rock bottom 2013 Horsethief 1 frame pricing?

    I would assume $700 shipped is a pretty decent deal on a new 2013 Horsethief 1 frame. I'm looking to pair a 120mm fork with a 100mm to 120mm travel frame for general XC/trail duty to "slot" between a burly 150/140mm 29'er rig and a carbon hardtail 29'er with a 100mm fork. I can't find anything else even remotely close to this price for what I want. I am a little spooked by the 18 in chainstays, but otherwise, the HT looks like a winner from the reviews.

    Two questions - how much approximately does the large frame weigh? I'm going to guess around 7.5 lbs? Also, what is the BB height with a 120mm fork?

    (And please save me the "2014 Horsethief is so much better" speech. I agree, but I have $700 to spend, not $1700.)

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    You can follow this link for all of the size and specs: 2013 Horsethief 1 Frame | Bikes | Salsa Cycles

    As for $700 - this seems VERY good. I don't know what it originally cost, but I know that is a good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earthpig View Post
    I am a little spooked by the 18 in chainstays, but otherwise, the HT looks like a winner from the reviews.
    My buddy had a '12 or '13 (it was green), built up nice. 140mm Float fork, Haven wheels. I rode it a time or two and liked it. Nice long top tube for a size M.

    It won't be overly 'playful'... It'll feel long and difficult to get the front end up on manuals, wheelies, etc. It will be stable and great for long hours in the saddle over rough terrain. My Anthem X 29er is 18.2 on the CS. Tough on super tight switchbacks and getting the nose up. Great at speed and on swooping corners. Not the best bike for super tech, but a great bike for flow trails.

    We actually rode it on Horsethief Bench in Fruita. Seemed fitting. There was one section that required a decent sized manual off the front of a rock face. He had difficulty getting the bike in the air and cleaning it. But it was the day after the 18hrs of Fruita MTB race, so maybe his form was lacking due to his 51 miles ridding. :-)

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