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So a 32t oval ring runs fine on a 2015 steel El Mar? Doesn't hit the frame at all? Salsa says 32t max. I'm building from the frame up, probably with XT M8000 crank. I was thinking oval 32t might hit the chainstay. Anybody running 34t on a steel 2014-2016 frame?
My bad man, I didn't see this until now, here's some pics to help you with your decision making, I think you can run the 34T no problem. If you see I put some spacers on my ring, to push it closer to the frame, which allowed the chain to stay more aligned and when pedaling backwards, the chain doesn't drop.
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Sine my salsa was one size too small for me, I ended up picking up a Kona Unit, a other steel frame bike, heres the M8000 just for reference.
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