Anyone else running a 29er Delgado race rim and able to keep it true?

Had a set sitting in the garage for a while built up by QBP waiting on a frame. Put them on the l-o-n-g awaited frame and went out for a maiden shake down. It was immediately clear that the front was way out of true. Put it up on hte stand and measured via dial caliper it was over an inch out of true. Spoke with Eric over at Salsa and he was thinking it was spoke tension. Next day I took it over to a local shop and had it trued up by someone else. Another shake down ride in the neighborhood and the damn thing is out of true yet again.

I have other wheels hell some are over 10 years old and I have never had to touch them and they run straight and true.

Local shop is checking into replacing these things.

I was just wondering if anyone has these things and able to keep them true. Also how is Salsa CS? Think I'm going to need it with these things.