I am planning a wheel build around CK hubs and pondering the advantages of switching my Selma Ti singlespeed rear end to the 142x12 .

I have no experience with thru axle rear ends so before I make the leap, hoping for some guidance.

- Does increased stifness of the 142x12 provide a tangible benefit to a titanium hardtail?

- Removing rear wheel to swap cogs will take a little more time. Will the axle make perfectly centering the rear wheel (evenly rocking both alternator plates) easier because both sides will move together with the axle installed?

- Is there any risk (or warranty issue) with cutting off the drearier hanger from the driveside bracket ? When I'm hardcore, I like to keep it clean.

And a note to Salsa- A SS specific 142x12 drive side plate would be great. And while you're at it, make it out of titanium. I love the Alternators.