• 12-13-2012
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    Slayer cable guide question
    Question about the 2011 Slayer cable guides on the downtube. Seems like they are made for 4mm cables. Somehow I smashed the top of my derailleur, resulting in the housing cap breaking off in the rear derailleur and shearing off a tiny piece of the der. up top. I'm replacing the shift cable and housing but only have 5mm as I buy in bulk.

    Does anyone know where I can find the cable guides and who makes them? Ideally I'd like to buy a few and switch all out. The easy answer may be to buy some 4mm cables at my LBS. I borrowed the pic from NSMB but can take some up close shots in the morning if needed.
  • 12-13-2012
    You could just bore them out to take 5mm cable jacket, and then order new ones in 4mm if you can find a source for the 4mm bulk cable

    The RMB part number for the Slayer cable guide is # 1091033 cable guide bolt-on