My Element 950 mods

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  • 06-06-2013
    I forget your build but with the EA 90s I'm assuming your not running the RS Revelation fork or a 20mm thru axle?
  • 06-07-2013
    I have the Rockshox Reba RL with a 9mm thru axle .
    I caps on the EA 90 hubs were too narrow for the
    20 mm axle of the Revolution .
  • 06-26-2013

    I am wanting to upgrade my rear shock on the 950 to a fox, what is the eye to eye measurment needed? also does it have to be a high volume shock?

  • 06-26-2013
    The shock is a 6.00" x 1.25". Your best bet is to order it to suit the Element 970 RSL so you get it factory valved and equipped with the correct air sleeve/canister.
  • 09-23-2013
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    Trying new carbon handlebar .Attachment 834200
  • 04-28-2014
    2013 - The Sidi grips fell apart before the 2013 season ended .
    The foam is firmer then most other foam grips and minor
    bumps and falls caused the Sidi foam to break .

    The Tioga Spider seat apparently isnt intended for off road use
    and the rails bent before season's end .
    Guess I didnt read the fine print .
  • 04-28-2014
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    Ready for 2014

    Attachment 889207
  • 04-28-2014
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    Red brake lines , carbon seat , A2Z brake handlebar clamps , ESI Silicone grips , Hutchison UST Python tires .

    26.4 lbs

    Attachment 889208
  • 04-28-2014
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  • 05-02-2014
    Nice. You could drop around a pound going 1x10. You can get a direct mount no frop chainring as low as a 26 tooth.
  • 05-10-2014
    That seat looks dangerous! I have the same one, but scared to put in on my bike... the back of it looks super sharp! Definitely lightweight though... but doesn't feel too comfy.
  • 05-12-2014

    Originally Posted by jerschwab View Post
    That seat looks dangerous! I have the same one, but scared to put in on my bike... the back of it looks super sharp! Definitely lightweight though... but doesn't feel too comfy.

    Oooh yeah! If you get caught the wrong way after hanging over the back of that then you could experience some kind of "removal" procedure!

    Nice bike BTW, probably a shade lighter than my 970 now, I think, though these bikes ride light, I don't really notice the extra couple of kilos over my Vertex RSL.
  • 05-13-2014
    The first ride on the seat was fine . It was only an hr long but the only issue would of
    been my sit bones not "conditioned" yet .
    I will keep you posted .
  • 05-13-2014
    It is a sweet bike by the way... not trying to downplay, just a question about the saddle is all (since I have the exact same one). I actually decided to use my full carbon saddle yesterday for a slightly less techy ride on familiar territory (where I wasn't too concerned about shorn scrotums, etc.). I rode for 2 hrs and at first it actually seemed like it might be comfortable, then after 1 1/2 hrs I felt it... and getting close to 2 hrs it was almost unbearable (to the point of me thinking I need to take it off immediately). Today I am a bit bruised and sore etc. not somethign I get from other saddles (unless riding for 3-4+ hours maybe). I just don't feel the seat is good in really any situation... the cost/benefit weight wise just isn't there for me. Unless the seat was really comfortable and the trail not really technical... then I'd rather just use something with some cushion. Anyhow, back to my favourite comfy 300gm Synchros. I think I'll not try to skimp weight on those key components (I also went back to lock on grips from the foam ones I had put on to save weight and went to heavy-ish XT disc brakes). I'm still at about 24lbs, so not bad...

    On another note, my super lightweight (ie. 140gm) carbon post broke from under me the other day too (see here). So back to something strong... not going to have that happen again!


  • 05-14-2014
    The seat was only $50 so if I dont like it , I still have the stocker .
    I dont mind trying different components to save weight if the cost
    isnt too prohibitive .
    I have a 24 Hr Race next month and for sure the carbon one will be coming off
    for that . LOL
    After a round of all the different trails I ride , I will make a judgement on the
    carbon seat .
    Thanks for the compliment Jeremy .
    What brand was your seatpost ?
  • 05-14-2014
    Just cheap China carbon... I think it said Bontrager, but it's up in a tree somewhere on the trail where I tossed it. haha

    Cheers, good luck in the 24hr... sounds awesome!

    I just built my RSL a few months ago... loving it so far although botton bracket clearance is really low. Trying to get used to that. I have a few marathon races this year (I'm pretty new to racing)... Test of Metal, NIMBY 50, Gearjammer etc. Squamish/Pemberton stuff. Hard to get the training volume in, but I'm hoping to survive the 3-4 hours it will take!

  • 10-12-2014
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    2012 Element 950
    I've been meaning to post up for a few months but kept forgetting.

    Anyways here is the swap list:
    2012 Easton Carbon Haven Wheelset
    Schwalbe RaRa (rear), tubeless
    Schwalbe (NN) front, tubeless
    Thomson MP seatpost
    EC70 wide bars
    EA90 stem, 120mm
    WTB Rocket V Team saddle (ti rails)
    RaceFace Strafe grips

    Time ATAC Absalon pedals
    EC90 bar ends/bull horns
    mucky nutz fender bender
    trail bell (hikers on some of my trails)
    light bracket
    VDO bike computer, bracket, wire & sensor
    bottle cage
    air pump cage bracket
    lizard skins chain stay protector

    With the above swap and extras list she comes in at 27.2 lbs. Given the pedals are listed at 350g and the bar ends I think are 80g maybe without all of the above extras she'd weigh about 26 lbs even?

    The only other mod I'm thinking about is swapping the U-turn cartridge in the RS revelation fork for a two-step cartridge but it'll run me $200 all-in for the convenience of not having to make 13 turns between 95mm and 120mm.
  • 02-13-2015