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    First Ride RM Altitude RSL 70 - AWESOME!

    4 months after its purchase, I finally got my first ride on my bike. I am 205 lbs clothed, 6'2" with 35" inseam, and have a XL, so I got a 1 inch shorter stem and narrower bars and it fits perfect. I also swapped out the cranks for the XT's so I don't run into chain suck problems in the future.

    I haven't ridden a bike in a year, and with a new bike and only basic shock settings 180 psi rear, 90 front) I didn't expect much from the ride but tinkering and a good light workout.

    This bike rides like a dream. I have been riding 20+ years and I think it's the best bike I have ever had. It is definitely the best climber I have ever had. I came across some short very steem climbs that I would only dream of making but as long as I kept my butt in the saddle, and kept cranking, it stayed glued to the trail and I almost felt the rear wheel move ahead of me. I am thinking that although this bike is agile everywhere, climbing is its specialty.

    Everything else was wonderful. Could I do that same on 120mm travel? Yes, but coming from a 160mm travel bike, I never felt that 140 was too much. It is also very light right out of the box and rode like a light bike.

    Shimano has done a great job with this series of XT level componentry. It shifter crisply and perfectly all ride.

    I can't wait to get the Haven wheels and UST tires on it and see if it is any better. It's so nice to not only have your expectations met, but far exceeded.

    I have a 4 day trip scheduled to Kingdom Trails in VT at the end of the month so after that I will give a better report.


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    Very nice to hear, I just took my Altitude 90 RSL 2010 for a first spin and I really agree with you on the climbing part. I went up, places that my anthem x3 only dreamed of climbing (WOW). Very satisfied also. Have to get used to the 140 mm travel, comming from a 100 mm. I am a small fellow (5,5" / inseam: 29,9") so I got the smallest 16,5", but must say RMB are a little big. It will take some time to learn to control the beast

    Best Regards
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    Sweet ride!

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    Beautiful bike Buddy!

    I have had my 2010 Altitude 90 for about 3 months now.
    Let me tell you, with each ride it just keeps getting better and better and I've really started to get it totally dialled in now!!

    Happy Riding!!!

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    Hello all, this is my first post to the forum.

    I just bought an Altitude 90 RSL frame and am now building it up. I got a little confused with the inner cable routing. The cable outer fits nicely to the routing so is it supposed to go all the way inside the routing? I hope you understand what I mean. By the way, the frame looks awesome!

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    Yes the full length cable housings run all the way through the frame and out the opposite side
    I'm a member of NSMBA and IMBA Canada

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    The housing goes through, but try without the end ferrule..
    The inner guide tube is not easy to re-align if pushed out of socket.

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