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    Ease of movement with ABC busings

    Just curious, not claiming to have a problem..... but when compared to my Spec with bearing pivots and the shock removed (moves easily, could move it through it's travel with one finger) my Instinct 950 take quite a bit of force to get the suspension to move (again, with shock removed). I was even surprised how much force it takes to move just the swing link by itself. I don't know the best way to define how hard it is to move it's just significantly stiffer than my Spec with roller bearing pivots.

    Is this just normal? No lube on the bushings correct?

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    WD40 is ok on the bushings, recommended by Rocky after a washing even.

    '17 Specialized Enduro Elite 29

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    Id be interested to hear some more input from folks also. I had a Element MSL that I recently sold and the amount of force needed to move the linkage with the shock removed was boarderline ridiculous. Im convinced it contributed to a harsh ride and spraying with wd-40 did not seem to help at all. Unfortunatly ,this is the main reason I am not seriously looking at the new Altitude for my Nomad replacement.. Do folks just not take the shock off frequently to check this or did I have a isolated problem?

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    Is your Instinct brand new?

    The first time I checked the movement on myElement 970 RSL was after about 20hrs of hard riding, and to the hand it was stiffer than I expected. I didn't notice anything while riding though, when the forces are far higher.

    Servicing the ABC bushings made a noticable difference to the ease of movement for my Element.. By servicing, I mean dissassembly, thorough cleaning, reassembly and torque to spec. Rocky's service video are helpful here. It is straightforward and quick, especially after the first go-around.

    By now I've serviced the bushings twice since purchasing the bike eight months ago. I'll definitely be replacing the bushings by the end of this season. That said, I'm probably on the high side of use compared to most riders (2500km on the bike so far).

    Regarding the application of WD40: I'm pretty sure RMB is recommending WD40 to disperse water after a thorough dousing or cleaning, NOT as a lubricant.

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    Yes, it is new, I got it on June 1st, but I have also done the "service" per the video, no noticable difference. Perhaps it will loosen in time, but perhaps I really don't have a problem and they are supposed to be this way?

    Just as an FYI, the only reason I took them apart is to replace the O-ring seals that for some stupid reason have dried and cracked already (one broke and fell off, the others weren't far behind). Methinks they could have spec'd a better material for this purpose if they crack with only on month's use.

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    Bushings always have lots of friction. On my Element 970, it is also hard to move the suspension. I also have/had a Turner RFX, Turner 5Spot and an old Element ltd (26"), all with bushings: same deal. If bushings move freely, there's too much play. I think it translates into slightly less supple movement of the suspension, but you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference (if you were able to ride the same frame with bushings and bearings). The forces that act on the suspension pivots are generally very large (several hundred Nm), while the diff between the friction in bushings and bearings might be from 0 to 5 Nm. Not negligible, but very close to.

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