I posted this in the general 29er bike forum, but thought that maybe more firsthand experience would come out of this forum, so I'm double posting (ducks head...)

I'm looking at getting my wife a new bike. She is 5'4-5'5" tall. We have a chance to get a steal on an Element 930 29er, but don't have the luxury of test fitting it. I am worried about the standover height of 771mm for the Small size. As a comparison, the 26er has a standover of 736 (don't have a chance to test that one either) . She has pretty average proportions regarding leg/torso lengths.

Does anybody know any similarly sized riders riding that bike or who have tried the bike only to find the top tube way too high.
Looks like the medium has the same standover, so short-legged long-torso riders on a medium may have feedback too?

I'm also curious to know exactly where they measure the standover. I looked up my own Rip9 and the official measurement is all fine and dandy, but the reality is that if I am actually standing over the bike forward enough that the seat isn't trying to give me a rectal exam, the standover is higher (less crotch clearance) than the numbers would suggest.

Any personal experience with the element 930 or 950 would be appreciated.


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