• 08-17-2012
    2012 Slayer 50 just purchased at JensonUSA...warranty question
    I pulled the trigger on an awesome 35% off deal for the 2012 Slayer 50. Can't wait to up the game from my 2007 XC bike (which I'm replacing due to fire).

    So, RM's warranty specificaly says this regarding making a warranty claim:

    "If you have purchased your Rocky Mountain bicycle from an authorized online retailer, you must contact them directly."

    So does this mean I cannot take it to a local authorized RM dealer for warranty claims? Will I not get any service? I should be able to take it to a LBS and at the minimum get their opiinion if an issue is warrant-able....right? If I would have read RM's warranty info earlier, I may not have captured this deal. It seems like it will be a major hassle and a much longer down-time if the bike/part needs to be shipped to Jenson just to get someone's opinion and have it worked on. I know - I guess that's the price I pay...

    Anyway, hopefully the bike will be solid for a long time to come and I won't have to go down that road ;) Can't wait to ride it!

  • 08-22-2012
    I just bought the Slayer 70 from them too, so I guess I'm curious about this as well.
  • 08-22-2012
    +1 just ordered the Vertex 990RSL from them.
  • 08-22-2012
    So you bought a bike off the internet and expect a local dealer to process warranty claims that they won't make a dime on?
  • 08-22-2012
    I'm not expecting them to do work for free, I'll get it ready to ship and take the bike apart (or build it) as needed. But part of being a dealer is that you have to deal with this kind of stuff for the companies you represent. I can't imagine that Rocky didn't know about the Jenson deals, so we just want to know ahead of time what the specifics are regarding any possible warrenty work that (hopefully will never) have to be done.
  • 08-23-2012
    This will be up to the dealer to decide. If they don't want to help you then you will need to work with Jenson directly, many issues can be solved with photos and do not need inspection. We will ship all parts to Jenson and you are responsible for shipping between Jenson and yourself. If your local RMB dealer wants to help you then we are more than willing to work with that dealer.
  • 08-23-2012
    Thanks for the clarification!
  • 09-02-2012
    That's actually really good news since my 5 day old Slayer 70 has been leaking oil like crazy from the rear shock the last 2 days. boo. :(

  • 09-05-2012
    Just wanted to give a quick update on my rear shock situation. I submitted an email describing the issue to Jenson on Sunday, even though I knew it was the holiday weekend. However, by the next day (Labor Day) I realized I had some bigger rides already planned with my friends, and while i knew the shock was warrantied, I really didn't want to be without my bike during peak riding season here in Seattle.

    So, I went to a local bike shop and bought the standard Fox air shock seal kit, and just replaced it myself. All seems well, the shock is no longer leaking, and pro-pedal is working like I would expect it to. Put it through some pretty brutal downhill trails today in fact, no leaks at all.

    This morning Jenson got back to me and told me to send in the faulty shock and they would send another one out to me asap. I explained that I had already fixed it on my own, and they offered (without me asking) to refund me the price of the seal kit I bought at my LBS.

    Quote "Ok, let me know what that seal kit cost you, and we can reimburse you. You shouldn't have to deal with that on a brand new bike.".

    THAT is amazing customer service, especially for an online retailer.

    I've never had any issues in all the years I've been buying from them but this just cements my opinion of what a great company they are. Couldn't ask for more, thanks!
  • 09-06-2012
    This is very good to know. I got a Slayer 30 from Jenson and it just arrived last night. Great deal, and I can't wait to hit the trail on my first FS bike