Ok I'm hovering between two framesets, the 2.0 Logic or a English made Columbus frame.

I'm drawn to the Ritchey as it looks ...well stealth and nice. However two concerns are stopping me:

The frame material- I keep thinking its cost-down and some Tange or 4130-stuff mass produced in a Taiwanese factory like everyone else? Can someone debunk this fear?

I know theres marketing but I can easily say I've personally selected and added stuff but cant say what.

(Sorry to be slightly cynical- tbh this is probably the part that is holding me back).

Second question- how does it ride? I can only find one review.

Is it a sturdy'bird that is more Surly than higher end steel etc?

Cheeky last question- no way I can fit a 1 1/8 Chris King headset?

Thank you for your help