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    UST, First Ride, Do these Suck?

    I just got back from my first ride on UST tire (Kenda). I felt the side walls were too stiff and did not have the compliance I was used to. They were fast and light, but who cares; I want to feel the trail and have the best control possible. Did I blow it by going to UST, or should I give it more time?

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    Well, I've not run the Kenda UST, but I've run a ton of others. UST generally rides better for all my experiences except 1 brand. That was the smallish 1.95 Serac USTs. Low volumn and stiff sideways are the culprit here.

    Maybe those do"suck" least in ride quality.

    Try some Python UST Lights. Dirt Boy sells'm. Huge volumn, roll fast, very light(true 630ish gms), work everywhere but mud but are still predictable as hell even then.

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    Stay with tubeless

    Quote Originally Posted by Rex Marx
    I just got back from my first ride on UST tire (Kenda). I felt the side walls were too stiff and did not have the compliance I was used to. They were fast and light, but who cares; I want to feel the trail and have the best control possible. Did I blow it by going to UST, or should I give it more time?
    I don't know where you ride, but I really like the Panaracer Fire XC UST for riding in So. Cal. Get Stan's liquid and you'll never get any leaks. Or you can get his rim strips for tubeless rims and run regular tires tubeless. Go to for more info. I've been riding tubeless for two years now and would never go back to tubed tires.

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    I also had bad experieces with several Kenda tires (Kharisma, Karma, KlimaxLite) but have also had great experiences with Hutchinson and Michelin.

    The Kenda sidewalls are very stiff and extremelly hard to patch if punctured, the other brands that I mentioned provide great feeling and are easy to fix.

    Conclusion? Stick with UST and avoid Kenda tires.

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    The Jury's Still Out

    I have a set of UST Cross Max wheels that I bought because they are light and strong. Started out using regular tires and tubes. Decided to give tubless a try. Bought Michelin UST Comp S 1.95s. I used tubless tire type Slime as a sealant. At one point on a long ride in Mexico a sharp rock cut through the tread and it was "molly get the mop!" Had to break the bead, try to get all that mess out of the tire somehow, remove the valve stem and then put in a boot and a tube. Seemed like an awful hassle, maybe because I wasn't planning on it. I have seen the same thing happen to another tubeless tire as well.
    After that I went back to Hutcheson Pythons tube type tires. They are high volume and very plush feeling, fast rolling, and light.
    Recently I decided to give tubless another try, mainly because I wanted a knobbier pattern. Put the Michelins back on but with Stans as the sealant. I will confirm what I have read on these boards it is a superior product IMHO. I have been fiddling with different tire pressure trying to find the sweet spot. I am running 35# and it seems to be a good pressure. The tubless Michelins are definitely stiffer than the Pythons but either I've got the pressure right or I'm getting used to them because I am pretty satisfied with how the set up is working now.
    Tubeless tires can be patched but not trailside. It is a pretty involved process that is best done at home where you have "all yer stuff."
    So far so good.

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    yeah bigger tires are key- otherwise you'll just trash your wheels&tires taking advantage of the ability to run lower pressure.

    Also keep in mind that 35psi in a tubeless feels a lot different than 35psi in a regular tire- you might find that you really like running 25psi. UST sidewalls are usually stiff enough you can do this without folding over in corners, etc...

    My current favorites:
    hutchinson scorpion 2.3 ust light, fast rolling and BIG. excellent all rounder.

    Geax Sturdy 2.25 ust: great XC/FR tire.

    Conti vert pro UST 2.3 ust. More like a 2.125. good in mud. Not as durable on rocks as the geax. good all rounder.

    Fire XC pro UST.

    all good stuff!

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    A fireXCpro UST came off the rim at 20mph. And I have never used a ust tire since. I use only nonUST tires with stans sealeant and not one has comne off since. The tires have a compliant feel. I run at 40psi XC and 25-35psi DH.
    No failures only a cople of "burps". One flat in 2 years.

    Go with stans, you'll love your UST rims cause you need no rim strip. And can run Khenda Kharisma's at like 450grams and really save weight and get the good feel with out flats.
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