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    must have long ride...
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    Cool-blue Rhythm Swimming with the bike...

    Today a two of my friends and I went up to a local park for an after-school ride. The roads were wet from last nights rain, which meant that the trails would be mud pits...just the way we like it, right? Anyway, we got to the park, and started down a trial following a beautiful stream. At the end we turned back and headed towards the trailhead, and followed another trail down the other end of the river. WE then decided to do some exploring, so we headed down some singletrack that we had never ridden. This route had some surprises in store.

    It started as a simple puddle of water, then got deeper... and deeper, until we were cranking through knee-deep water...knee-deep damn cold water (thank god for synthetics!). WE followed this trail until it lead us bach to the place we started. But not before going through two swamps. We rode this loop a total of three times, then decided to go back to school.

    At school, after washing out bikes off, we slogged up stairs to the dorm rooms (I go to a largeish private boarding school in East PA). Mind you we are a pretty sad sight for any non-biker typer, so we got many wierd looks. Upon ariving up stairs, we pretty much just jumped into the shower. About half way through cleaning up, I realized thyat I had no towel...which sucks... if not for the invention of paper towel, which was promptly used for drying ... All in all a great day for East PA riding

    Isn't that why we ride... for stories to tell? That's why I ride...
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    This one is a bit more than knee deep... it's what happens when the river overflows onto our local trail in the spring...

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    How the heck do you even find the trail?

    That's amazing - I wouldn't have beleived it if you hadn't posted it. You gotta be pretty hard up to ride in that.

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    My bike's bearings are crying just looking at that picture

    Only just-below-bottom-bracket deep for me thank you hehe...


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    Here's another shot from a different ride, water level was a bit higher. You have to know where the trail is, if you wander off, you stall out very quickly.

    There is another water crossing (a river actually) there the current was so strong, 2 riders got washed away. We chased the bikes down river for quite a ways...

    Not good for the bearings, but the hub seals actually worked - except for my White Bros' fork, which was full of water. At least the bike got cleaned.

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    ouch... i feel bad for your bike. Shame they aren't as waterproof as us

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    That's a very expensive bike wash when you consider the replacement parts.

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    Why wouldnt you just wade through the water and carry your bikes overhead?
    Geez! Even the headsets are underwater.

    I am about to post this picture on my local cycling message board. I am sure everyone will get a good laugh at your moronic escapades.

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    all I can say is hardcore man, truly hardcore!

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    Nice write-up. What school?

    I'm from the area. (Well, northwest Jersey but I teach skiing at Shawnee Mt. in the Winter and ride Jim Thorpe) Just curious where you're located.

    Love the feeling of walking into a crowd of people at an upscale hotel when I'm drenched and mud covered. The looks of disbelief on their faces is worth the price of admission.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Berryman
    I am sure everyone will get a good laugh at your moronic escapades.

    Well, to each his own. The group I ride with up there does alot of water crossings (fords) as the trails criss-cross several streams. Several of them were fanatical about maintenance, every time thier hubs get submerged, they re-pack the bearings. However, after many years, most of them have stopped doing that, and we've had no problems. Most higher end parts have decent seals, and as long as you have decent grease in there, they seem to work just fine. I have yet to destroy a part due to these hydraulic miss-adventures. The worst was a BMX freewheel on a Single Speed, which seised up the next day, but it freed up again and is still working (!). More than I expected for a $10 part!

    I'm a bike commuter, rain or shine (or snow), and my commuter sees more water on a rainy commute.



    PS: Oh and 'Epic_Ride_16', sorry for hi-jacking the thread - great story!

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