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    Yikes! My thumb...

    Cruising easy trail with my son who was trail running, tipped and fell to right, put out my hand and dislocated my thumb. Pulled it out of glove all bent to the back, thought...good lord... And grabbed it pulled it back in...was able to bend it! X-rays no fracture, and a visit in a couple of days with a ortho hand guy...but darn it hurts! And I am unhappy in a thumb splint.

    Anybody else ever have a thumb dislocation? And how long did it take to feel better??

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    Bummer! I have never dislocated my thumb, but I have hyper extended it and it seemed to take forever to heal. I did however dislocate my #3 middle finger last month. Like you, I took a slow, simple fall where I got back up and took inventory of myself for any minor injuries and all looked and felt fine. I climbed back on the bike and noticed that my right hand middle finger would not wrap around the grip.

    Perplexed, I actually tried to push the finger around the grip when I realized this isn't right. No pain, just not positioned right. Thinking it was broken, I elected to not removed the glove now, but continue back to my vehicle and reevaluate there. I was 3 miles by trail back to the vehicle. During the ride back, I began to experience my first discomfort.

    After pulling off glove and taking a closer look, I began to think it might just be dislocated. There was an obvious separation at the 3rd Proximal Interphangeal Joint. I tried unsuccessfully to pull it back into place. The only result was tunnel vision as the now gently throbbing pain immediately accelerated to an intense jolt of distress that nearly brought me to my knees.

    I went to the ER and had it looked at. X-rays revealed it was indeed a dislocation and quick pull and snap from the Dr. had it back in place. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as previously experienced, but still not anything I'm interested in visiting again.

    I kept it splinted for several days and was back on the bike in four days. Injury to the middle finger is much easier to function on a day-to-day basis than a thumb injury. I can manage to keep my middle finger free and clear of gripping and grabbing that can't be easily accomplished with a thumb injury.

    My finger remains a little stiff and tight. Especially in the mornings, but I gently work with it by extending and slowly, gently making a fist to stretch the muscles and phalangeal ligaments. It's returning to normal, but I feel my rapid recovery is just luck. My left hand was broken last year by a simple bike fall. The bone healed quickly, but the soft tissue damage continues to be difficult and slow to heal. Essentially, that injury has taken over a year to approach near recovery. Perhaps at 90% now.

    Take care of hand related injuries, because they can make life difficult. Good luck!

    Image below illustrates pre-application of 'Pull and Snap' restoration procedure.
    Yikes! My thumb...-dislocated-finger.jpg

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    Last Sunday, whilst towards the end of what was supposed to be a glorious trail ride (riding at a good pace & tackling techy sections that used to make my balls shrivel), I was hurtling downhill towards the exit of HK's Chi Ma Wan trail when my front tire suddenly depressurized. Pinch flat immediately came to my mind. Sadly, it happened all too quickly & i found myself skidding for the front tire lost traction. Crash, slide & roll the bike & I went. The last roll had me on my back and, after regaining my breath, I stood up to survey if there was any damage. Bike was ok (except for a front tire that was all but useless). I felt a slight pain on my right arm just below the elbow and it was due to it ending up as trail fodder. Blood was flowing from it, but after a quick wipe on the shirt, turns out it was just a small gash and numerous scratches that weren't deep. I was thankful I always go out protected (Helmet, light body armor, knee & shin guards, and full fingered gloves. Alas, no elbow guards).

    As I went & stood the bike up to tackle doing trailside repair on the front tire (i always bring a spare tube along), it was only then that I got a glimpse of my right hand as I placed it on the handlebar -- the pinky was obviously bent at a wonky angle underneath the glove. With much trepidation, I slowly pulled the glove off praying I wouldn't be looking at a mess of ragged flesh and bone. With the glove off, I could see it wasn't as bad as I imagined, but still not something I was looking forward to: a dislocated pinky that was bent wrong & immobile... It's currently in a splint now and am just hoping it heals well soon.

    Questions that come to mind though: Are there any gloves out there anyone can recommend that could offer more stabilized protection to our digits when worse comes to worst? And is it really advisable to clench our hands to a fist whilst falling rather than having the fingers outstretched?

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