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    Worse mechanical failure to cause an injury?

    Chain breaking while your riding and you eat it. Wheel going flat while doing 30mph and you go flying. Derailleur malfuction while on the trail and you fall.

    So what mechanical failure has happened to you while riding that caused an injury?

    Here's one of mine-

    I was riding to the gym when I was 16 on a 20" BMX. I was in a hurry because it was another hot summer day in Arizona. I was waiting at a stoplight for the light to turn green. It did, and I was off. Pedaling as fast as I could. About 200 feet after the light I was still pumping and going really fast. Then all of the sudden my foot slipped and I flew over the handlebars. The right side crank and pedal came off as I was pumping and my foot hit the ground and I went superman over the bars. Smashed my chin, broke my left arm, and twisted my right ankle. My helmet was cracked, so it's a damn good thing I was wearing it. But what really sucked was walking with my bike in pieces for a mile to the gym to call someone since I didn't have a cell phone.

    So I had 1 cast, 1 boot on my foot, and 22 stiches on my right leg and chin/neck.

    It took about a full year for me to be confident enough to pedal without sitting on the seat. That and a lot of locktite

    So what's yours?
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    Standing up and cranking uphill when the chain breaks sending my manly parts in a direct collision path with the stem. Needless to say I was sitting on the side of the trail for a little while.

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    One hour ago I was simply pedaling through an intersection and my chain broke and I flew over the handle bars and smashed my face. 5 cuts on the right hand, 3 on the left, think my left wrist is cracked or at least reinjured after my last break during a snow board crash. Road rash on my knees and thighs.

    My new bike is 4 days old and i now need a new left pedal, new front tire, rim and chain.

    So basically I am pissed!!!!! Oh and its hard as hell to type with one hand.

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    Crashed off a skinny....tore the break hose..didnt notice..10 mins later during a downhill section..hit the breaks hard...front caught but no rear...supermaned it into a tree then off the side of the trail down an embankment and crashed into a (05 Stinky) came down after me and hit me in the head.. I can safely say that if i wasnt wearing all my armor and my MX helmet..i'd be typing this on my laptop from a Hospital bed.

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    landing a jump when my BB spindle snapped, but didn't come out of the shell, so the crank arms are no longer connected; both went straight down, and all of my weight came down on the saddle (I was maybe 3 ft in the air). Then as I'm whimpering trying to get clear of the bike, the L crankarm falls off.
    That was 12 years ago, but it taught me a lesson about weight weenieism that I'll never forget.

    still, I don't think anything tops this: <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctaylor05
    Standing up and cranking uphill when the chain breaks sending my manly parts in a direct collision path with the stem. Needless to say I was sitting on the side of the trail for a little while.
    The EXACT same thing happend to me last year.

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    Unauthorized Use Of My Likeness...

    ... That so pains me. I had a really bad day that day. It all started when my Blue Lycra suit was musked on by my pet ferret. So into the washer it went....only to be eaten by said washing device. I was still scheduled for the downhill so I borrowed my sisters pink My Little Pony workout outfit. Twas a time consuming real pain in the arse to squeeze my man-ness and all into it, I was expecting she would rip sometime during the ride and leave me with a bit o embarassed-ments but alas I was mistaken. So to top it off my headtube snaps and now herein is the video I must relive daily...

    Thanks a heap !

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    Never had a "major" injury from a part failure

    Two minor injuries:
    -Snapped a handlebar (aluminum) which caused me to face plant
    -Stripped a pedal out of the crankarm when pedalling under power, causing me to go over the bars and face plant. Worst injury was pride as it was at an intersection with cars all around me!

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    Crank Arm Snapped

    This didn't happen to me, but i felt his pain.

    A buddy of mine was riding his old Trek (not sure what model) Mountain Bike and attempted to jump off of a curb and cross the street. Well, when he landed his right crank arm snapped in two. His man berries hit the top tube and his foot smacked the asphalt which caused him to wipe out in the middle of the street with his bike on top of him.

    After he picked himself up, he noticed that the snapped off crank arm left a rather large gash in his leg. Fortunately for him, he crashed right in front of a CVS Pharmacy. He went in and bought some butterfly bandages and some stuff to clean out the wound. He patched himself up and walked home which fortunately was only three blocks or so.

    He never did get stitches...

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    The funniest meachanical failure to happen to me was a couple of years ago. I was rippin it to my buddies house, cutting through a parking lot when I hit a speed bump on a downslope catching lots of air. For a couple of minutes prior to this I was hearing a funny noise coming from my front fork, or so I thought. Anyhow next thing I see as I"m in the air is my front tire rolling away underneath me. Suffice to say I landed hard on my fork legs and smoked my face into the cement. Had to walk it over the closest LBS and did they ever have a laugh. Learned my lesson then to always check your quick releases.

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