As I was sitting here earlier this afternoon recovering from my first hip surgery @ 29, I saw this forum and decided to take a look (figuring i could find something in common with others who are off of their bikes right now) and was blown away by the amount of support there is.

I am not writing this thread to ask for support, because I know i will recover fast so please don't think this is a sympathy request. I just wanted to say how nice it was to see the support that some of the seriously injured riders (like Peter88) have recieved and deserve.

These positive posts are not being made because it is the politically correct thing to do, or because anyone is afraid of what people will think if they don't say something nice, or because anyone will recieve anything tangible by doing so.

People are being supportive because they care. I don't see the good in people very often anymore. Mind recovery is as important as any physical recovery and i appreciate the help i have recieved by seeing the good in this forum.