In case your mom never told you to scrub behind your ears and to wash your feet; I am giving you a fair warning. I currently have a swollen foot with a pretty nasty infection. As I write this I have been to the doctor twice, and given blood samples (not that that is a big deal I give blood on the trails daily). It all started with a little athletes foot that was never taken care of properly. Heres how the doctors say it happened. I got athletes foot from some activity, probably biking. It got infected, again probably form some puddle or dirt while riding. I failed to scrub my feet and take proper care of them. Due to the lack of love for my feet one is pissed at me and feverish, which sucks. I spent $110 on 10 days worth of pills to treat and under skin infection...yea. Hopefully I will be able to ride this weekend but it is not looking good. I dont wanna post pics, but if for some reason you wanna compare my foot to big foots them I might feel compelled. Anyway stay safe and wash your feet, even if you dont have any bobos.