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Thread: Vision Loss...

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    Vision Loss...

    On Memorial Day, I went for a ride on a relatively flat, hard-packed trail here in CO. I ate well before the ride and at the halfway point, I ate a banana along with eating some Fig Newtons during the second half. I had 40 oz of 50/50 Orange Gatorade/water mix and was hydrated.

    At mile 24 of a 25.5 mile ride, I stopped to watching a helicopter fly-by and, all of a sudden, I experienced temporary vision loss; everything went gray for several seconds. It was weird - couldn't see the trees, or near-by houses, clouds, or anything. That's the first time that's happened. It went away and I finished my ride, which I didn't really exert myself that much - averaged about 11 mph overall.

    Interestingly, about three hours after the ride, I took my BP and it was 101/67. I am on the lowest dosage of BP meds and did take some straight aspirin prior to the ride for lower back pain.

    I had an annual physical the other day and my doc didn't know the root cause. She felt it could've been low BP, or maybe something migraine-related (which I suffered as a kid and still occasional get the aura) or something else. Ever since that happened, I get this spinning feeling in my head - it's not vertigo. Again, it's like a migraine aura (for those who've experienced that).

    I'm not asking for any medical diagnosis from folks here - that's for the professionals who know my medical history. But, I am curious if anyone here has experienced something similar.


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    I'm not a medical professional but i have had similar experiences. I'm in the Air Force. Back in training while in the high altitude chamber i got to experience hypoxia. Everyone if different, there are a ton of videos on youtube showing people doing funny things at 45k ft and no additional oxygen. For me, I don't seem to loose my concentration like most. The first thing to go is my color vision and focus followed by my vision all together. Taking deep breaths seems to help me get some of the oxygen back and clear up my vision. Without having any real medical knowledge, i think it's possible that being on CO (potentially at altitude) and dehydrated you may have just been lacking o2.

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    Wife says with history of having migraines it was possibly an ocular migraine. She says visit your eye doctor just to be sure

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    here is a great pod cast on migraines. even if you don't have them it's still interesting.

    How Migraines Work | Stuff You Should Know: The Podcast

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    not sure. I don't take meds whatsoever (except insulin as I am type 1)

    my vision only goes sour when:

    a) indoors all day on computer, eyes tired yet functional, go outdoors in sun and get double-vision as eyes are too stressed and cannot deal. very rare and only when working with a lot of BLUE color on computer screen

    b) narrowing vision. when super fit and on a super good high-watt hammerfest, can get tunnel vision when I sustain anaerobic efforts without backing down...just backing off and going BLT corrects this instantly mid-ride

    c) extreme low blood sugar from either an insulin mistake, or riding with too much insulin on-board, I am worried more about getting some sugar in me, but things can go gray (and I get cranky as hell!) when blood sugar too low

    never had a blood pressure problem so cannot recommend anything here

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