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    TFCC Tear in Left Wrist

    Well... This is what the orthopedic Dr told me on Friday.

    Doesn't sound Like I'll be doing much riding this year, and it's a shame cause I hit the gym hard all winter.
    Those Squats 3 times a week were definitely going to help me and the shoulder work too.
    Anyone have this wonderful injury?

    So far the diagnosis is try PT and is that doesn't work I've to travel for Reconstructive Surgery (eek).

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    TFCC tears in both wrists.
    Multiple tears and repeated injury to right wrist over a 20 year period.
    Add in several years of route setting in climbing gyms immediately after the initial injury (lots of twisting resulting in additional wear and tear).
    Right wrist clicks, pops, grinds and basically makes doctors shake their head when they examine it.
    20 years after the first major injury, I'm still riding the bike a lot and riding hard in the bike park 40+ days a year.
    The injury can take a long time to heal, but it can heal VERY well with rehab in my experience.
    A few years ago I re -injured what was left of the tfcc in the right wrist worse than the initial injury many years before.
    Again, it took a long time to heal and stabilize and to gain strength back, but I never stopped riding the bike during that rehab period.
    I opted for rehab over surgery even though surgical reconstruction was recommended.
    Rehab takes a long time and I think that many opt for surgery due to the length of time it takes for the wrist to feel strong and pain free again.
    You'll likely be riding sooner than you think.
    Oddly enough, a day of fly fishing now bothers my wrist more than several days in a row of banging out laps in the bike park.

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    I have pretty much the same experience as Norman. Both wrists, both of them more than once, the right being the worst. Fall of 2010 was spent with casts on both arms, then braces and PT and although it got better, it wasn't great. Doc was talking about shortening the ulna in my right wrist. I said....NOPE!! See ya when I can't take the pain any more. I bought my first mountain bike that day. December this year, I was at Ray's Indoor MTB Park and took a spill... dislocated my right shoulder and fx'd my right scaphoid SMH. When the cast came off, my tfcc pain was prominent because my hand/wrist was so weak. I thought I might have to have the surgery after all. I still have severe strenght issues (IMO) with shoulder/arm, but as I slowly get stronger, the wrist feels better. I often wear a "wrist widget" (google it) on both wrists when I ride and it helps some. My doc told me that as we get older, that cartilage basically disentagrates anyway. Unfortunately... I think I may have to have surgery on my shoulder for the labrum and rotator cuff tears that happened when the shoulder came out in December. Hopefully I can make it till fall.

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    Thanks for the info guys, I'm glad to hear that riding isn't out of the question. This is my first injury that's gonna take more than a couple weeks to heal.
    Very mentally daunting as I've been 100% capable my whole life.

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    I've pretty much self diagnosed myself with a mild TFCC sprain. Popping and clicking ever since working in a warehouse about 2 years ago. This year, I've been commuting on a 1980s road bike with drop bars. My dumb self decided it was a good idea to bunny hop and attempt to wheelie said 1980s road bike every day for about a month. That pretty much set the wrist off. I'm thinking a couple of small tumbles on the mtb have made it worse. Gotta break the habit of catching myself with my palms down.

    My main symptoms that lead me to believe it's TFCC: Pain on the ulnar side of the wrist upon rotating my palm to face the sky. Pain upon hyper extension. And the popping and clicking. It's weird, after some rides it feels great, after others it feels awful.

    Any suggestions on exercises that have helped you guys stabilize the area? What's the best pain reduction? Trying to avoid going to the doc unless it gets real bad. They'll tell me to rest and my insurance sucks.

    Thanks in advance.

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    After more than a year... things are back to about 80%. The pain is very mild. I can ride the trails and my motorcycle again... but now I've got 40lbs of not working out to get rid of... again.

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