[QUOTE=Jlee197853]A ruptured achilles is very easy to diagnose. No MRI necessary. I did mine 2 years ago, and still have not recovered completely. I had a complete rupture, surgury, and a long time in a cast (4 months). My calf muscle wasted completely away, and still has not quite gotten back to normal size. Sorry to hear about it man, that is a bummer.

One of my patients (a track coach who was a former star long jumper), was about 44 years old and he tore both patellar tendons while jumping into a sand pit during a long jump training session. The local Nevada surgeons sewed him up and sent him home, (back to SF, CA). It was work comp insurance injury out of state (ie. complicated insurance stuff).
I sent him to an orth, Dr. Garrick, at Saint Francis Sports Medicine Center in S.F.

Dr. Garrick did a masterful job of getting him enough PT to do the best PT rehabilitation job that was possible. But, after a year he was finished with care and he continued with a home exercise regime. But, his range of motion was limited in extension and he had pretty severe atrophy of his quads.

2 years post injury the patient got pro-active and he went to Mexico and bought, "the steroids that Carl Lewis used, not the steroids that Ben Johnson used. He did (don't quote me) three injections over three-four months with his ongoing rehab regime and he recovered a goodly portion of his lost muscle mass.

Moral of the story:
1. I always liked Carl Lewis, but I never thought that he or anyone else is clean at the World Class level.
2. If you are rehabbing a wasting injury, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about using some appropriate anabolic steroids.
Steroids are bad when you are cheating, but they are very good for AID's patients with low T-cell counts and for muscle wasting injuries.

P.S. I heard somewhere that Lance used drugs. My response is that they all probably use drugs, but isn't Lance amazing that he is so much better even if they are all using something. (Of course Lance & Rassmusein (sp?) both had Dr. Ferrari and neither one of them ever tested positive, so we'll never know for sure).