It was all about arrogance too. After a rather unpromising start, we finally got some good snow at my local ski resort. So I visited all my favorite spots except for the area that's still closed. But Saturday was apparently rather wet and there were big, icy moguls lurking under the nice new snow. It made for really inconsistent conditions.

I had three greatest hits. I did a double-eject after hitting a groomer berm, right at the bottom of a tough run, right next to a lift line. I dropped into a chute and found out it was ice. Lost one ski and both poles and rag-dolled for a while before sliding and having to do a self-arrest with my other ski. And finally, I dropped into a nice, open piste with (apparently) lots of pretty powder, made a couple good turns, and then apparently caught a tip and cartwheeled once or twice.

Through it all, my wrist felt fine. But during the drive home, it started to stiffen up, and then hurt. A lot. Nurse practitioner thinks it's a sprain. So I'm in a brace for a week, then I need to avoid things that might cause me to fall on it again for another week or two. D'oh!

The stupid part is that I'd figured out fairly early on that conditions were really inconsistent and that I was having a hard time finding nice snow. But this was my first trip out this year and it's going to be a catch-as-catch-can season, so I was determined to hit the difficult stuff anyway. And I can (usually) navigate anything safely by sideslipping but I was determined to actually ski it.

Anyway, I'm supposed to use the brace for about a week and avoid falling for another week or two after that. So I should be able to use the trainer as soon as I want to and get back on the mountain bike and skis in 2-3 weeks.