This is a long shot and also is a road biking question, but I was wondering if anybody has experience with modifying a Speedplay X road pedal so that it releases earlier. I am rehabilitating a non-cycling foot injury and my ankle is still very stiff and swollen. But I can ride, and my Speedplays have been great for my rehab--I think it is because they keep my feet flat when engaged.

My problem is that I have difficulty getting out with my injured foot, and I am wondering if I can modify the pedal body to obtain an earlier and/or easier release. I am wondering if there is a way to achieve that by grinding away some of the pedal with a dremel.

I just got off of a short roller workout after schlepping all over the countryside this weekend for my daughter's soccer tournament.. .my foot felt like crap when I got home but 30 minutes on the rollers (OK, and a glass of wine afterwards) and I feel just is hell to get out, and more than a bit dicey on the road.

(I also posted this over on RBR...there seem to be more McGyver types over here, though.)