Hey all,

Haven't posted in an age. Just needed to get on hear and vent. Had a real lame tiny little fall when I turned the bars without thinking last Nov and ended up having the bike go right out from underneath me along with my body. My right arm stayed put to brace the fall (imagine someone doig the splits except substitute my arm and body for the legs). Bicep tendons ripped right off of my shoulder joint. Had surgery in Jan at which point all the damage from a 12 year swimming career reared it's ugly head as well while they were in there fixing things. Haven't been on the trail since Nov 8 2011! I need a ride!

Life is good and it could have been worse but good lord I have put on 15-20 lbs and just happened to be in fantastic shape for an upcoming race when I went down. Oh well

Took a light road ride the other day - thank god - and was reminded of why Mountain Bikers are the tits. . . Those roadies are 90% *****bags.

Happy healing to anyone else on here suffering / recovering!