I'm finally pulling out of it, but I started this case of the flu with the usual fever and body aches the first week in May. I developed a sore throat and nasty, dry cough and visited my doctor the next week on May 9th. He wasn't convinced that I needed the heavy duty cough syrup.

I felt like I was recovering another week later and made the mistake of riding on the 19th and doing trail work on the 20th. Major relapse, several more days of work missed.

After several cycles of this, I finally took 2 solid weeks of no bikes, trail work, or beer. I'm finally feeling better, but also very out of condition and have gained a few pounds. It's pretty obvious that I didn't put my health first like I should have, but it's really, really hard for me to stay out of the woods when trail building, then trail riding season comes up. No major surprise here, just a reminder to me that I'm not young any more, and my body won't bounce back as fast as it did.