I finally went and saw a sports doc yesterday after falling and hurting my shoulder back in August.

I tried to ride down a root ball and supermanned off my bike at the bottom. Whoops! I was a bit winded at the time, but my shoulder didn't hurt enough to worry me. I had all my range of motion, and having broken my arm a while ago, I expect quite a lot of pain from a serious injury.

It didn't get better in August or September, but I was working pretty far from home, and didn't want to miss work to have a doctor tell me to rest it.

Just a few motions hurt, but they haven't gotten better. Doc says it's impingement and a side of supraspinatus sprain. Time to do some physical therapy. Right after mostly finishing doing PT for my ankles, too.

I've had a pretty good run. The initial injury to the ankles was way back in 2008, and only effected my ability to run. The last cycling injuries that I've had give me any trouble were back in 2000.

The funny thing is that it has minimal effect on my ability to ride bikes. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I'm not going to do anything different there. Hopefully it'll respond well to rehab.