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    The short, cheap bike trip that cost me six months and $35,000. With video!

    Angle Fire bike park, 4th of july weekend. The park was pretty amazing, the've done a great job with the trails out there, but the majority of it was outside my comfort zone. I'm not a skilled jumper by any means, so alot of the thrill of riding this park wasn't there for me. But it doesn't mean that I won't try.....

    So, last run, last day. I'm armored up like a storm trooper, ready for some kind of battle, and I start thinking, "why did I get all this armor and come all this way just to play it safe? The next jump I see, I'm hitting it."

    Just remember, if you aren't good at something, like jumping, hauling a$$ on a downhill bike trail is not the place to learn. You should probably get that figured out BEFORE heading off into the great unknown.

    Or before you slam into some aspen trees:

    so after a broken shoulder that required a surgery (three screws), that decision to take that jump is going to cost me six months of riding time and if I didn't have insurance, about $35,000! Even with insurance, it still ended up costing around $2k. That's a lot of bike parts, spent on three screws.

    PT starts soon, and I'm excited to get on my bike again, but there's no way I'll ever be that gung ho again. I think it might be okay to know that I'm not 23 anymore, there's certain terrain that I like, and there's some that I don't, and it's okay to ride within your limits.

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    I miss living near AngelFire

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