my riding season is pretty much done. Three days ago, I hit about a 5 foot drop in which I nose cased hard, which pissed me off cause I have done this drop before. The ensuing crash led to a plethora of injuries including:

-a mild concussion
-a shoulder seperation
-cracked ribs
-blown out lung
-several contusions on my kidneys and spleen ie pissing blood.
-countless bumps, bruises, scrapes etc.

I've been living on morphine, vicodin and oxy for the past 3 days, but things are getting better. My chest tube was removed yesterday, I'm starting to get my appetite back, and I start physical therapy for my shoulder next week. I might be looking at a late fall return at best, but more than likely, my riding is done for the season. Needless to say, I would have had a broken jaw/been dead hadn't I worn my helmet.