Just a couple of symptom questions. I know that everyone's injury is not the same. I'm wondering anyone had substantial pain when picking things up from the side, such as a book, especially when rotating the object. This also happens to me when I turn a doorknob, and even just occasionally with gripping things. I also have some clicking in my wrist with flexion/extension and am extremely concerned I may have a torn scapholunate ligament in there. From what I've read, the sooner these are treated the better. It's now been 10 weeks since my crash and the pain hasn't gone down much. I've addressed this with 3 different hand surgeons (and another retired one i know personally). They all have different opinions on this, but none of them seem to want to address this scapholunate ligament tear possibility at this time. Did you have some of these same symptoms? Anybody else out there? I feel like I'm doing all I can to make sure I'm on the correct road to recovery, but it's frustrating to keep getting all the different opinions. Thanks for any advice you can give, or details of your symptoms through your healing process. If I can't get this figured out soon and feel comfortable with the diagnosis I'm not sure what to do. Perhaps go to the Mayo Clinic. Anybody have any experience dealing with this kind of issue? Or know who really specializes in these types of injuries, I mean really specializes? Sorry for some of the confusing lingo, I've copies this posting to a few different sites to get the most responses. Thanks for any info you can give.