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    There are hydraulic mixers out there in MTB parts land. You can have one lever control both, and adjust the amount of front/rear bias. It would be better than trying to modulate two levers at once with one hand.

    I have seen it years ago on a bike at a trail-head. The guy riding it had two arms, but only a right hand. He had a funky custom socket harness on the left, and a ball attachment mounted to the handlebar. He admitted he could not ride hardcore but he was happy to be on the bike on hard trails.
    Yeah I considered that but I heard they were a nightmare to bleed and maintain. The two lever to finger option is far superior in my opinion though. After all how can you Scandinavian flick if you've only got one lever?!

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    1999: impaled my left palm on a tiny piece of twig while riding at boggs mountain, part of which remained in my palm--which i rode and raced with three more months until it began to work its way out the other side whereupon i had to have it surgically removed. a weird, greasy, nasty ball formed around the twig fragment and started to pop out the other side of my hand. my boss made me go to the doctor when the pus started to run.

    shattered two fingers on my left hand and fractured my wrist when a carload full of bridge-and-tunnel thugs made a U-turn in front of me in 2000. instinctively tucking has its hazards...

    dislocated and fractured my right shoulder last weekend. this one is frustrating; i lost my momentum in a trail dip, stalled, tipped over and down into the waiting arms of one of california's many oily, fire hazard, non-native eucalyptus trees.

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