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    rib 'popping' a few days after crash, twice this year!

    This is the second time this year that this has happened: a week ago I crashed on a descent (went down pretty hard on my right side), my axe handle sticking out of my tool bag got caught on a fence (don't you hate stupid crashes?) and tossed me down. My back has been sore at the lower ribs area since then, I sneezed today and it 'popped', and now it is more sore! A couple of months ago I crashed landing pretty hard on my right side, very little discomfort, then a couple of days later while getting out of my car 'pop' and quite a bit of pain, -sneezing would put me on the floor in pain, that's been better for a few months now. This is an odd coincidence. It seems like the crashes jammed the rib slightly out of place, and as the swelling went down the rib popped back into place, but hurt while doing so. Is that possible?

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    I have the same thing going on after a crash 2 weeks ago, a root running parallel to the trail took out my front tire, I went OTB, did a rather poor imitation of superman, and came down hard on my left side. I ended up with a wicked whammer under my armpit. A week and a half later, the swelling went down, and suddenly its snap, crackle, pop. I went to the doc's, nothing is broken or out of place, my ribs are just liking their new found freedom and moving around. Wrapping them gives me some relief, but it looks like the only true repair is time, which sucks

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