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    Recovery from shoulder replacement?

    After getting knocked off my road bike last October I've now been told I need my right shoulder replaced. I fractured the neck of my right humerus and smashed the humerus head very badly. I've had surgery twice, but nothing has improved my pain or range of movement.
    Has any one had any experience of this?
    I've got a new Salsa Horsethief that I'm desperate to ride!

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    October 2010 I had a shoulder replacement surgery which included a bone transplant on my right arm.
    I am never gonna have complete range of mention (at about 180), but I am mostly pain free. Recover has taken more than a year, and you could say I am still am as I need to build some strength up. Can't left more than 20 pounds using the arm due to durability issues with the transplants. At any rate, I still ride my FS bike, although I don't ride dh like I would love to. Vibrations are not to kind to me as to be expected. Hope things turn out as well as me if not better for you. Riding my bike is the only time I feel like I did before my procedure, but eventually I hit a bump and I know I am "man of steel" missing Superman's strength. Just gotta keep calm and carry on.

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