Even though the first two visits REALLY hurt (I have to go twice a week for five weeks), I'm progressing well.

I started PT two weeks after the fixator was removed for a badly fractured wrist.

Both the PT and Orthopedic surgeon are quite impressed with the range of motion I have now. I can go to work for a week and my arm and hand won't feel exhausted. I'm still working on typing with less typos (to get my speed back), but it's a gradual process.

My range of motion is 30 degrees backward, and 30 degrees forward (both starting from a flat hand position). I have 75% of the palm-up motion down. I didn't realize how often I use it either. Oh yeah, and juggling is good therapy for that

I'm trying to walk nightly, but it's harder to do with going back to work. I'll still make it to the gym later to do some weight training (without using the hand) and some cardio.

I love the contrast baths. 3 minutes in hot water, 1 minute in ice cold. I used to hate it, but it's been something that's really helped.

I'm doing my stretches all the time, and always in the hot shower or hot bath daily. I'm still taking my calcium (most likely a lifetime thing now) and glucosamine.

I'm working on a throttle forward and back exercise, but no weight on the roller. Oh yeah, and I really like my PT guy--he's funny and very good with breaking up the scar tissue.