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    Preventing body dis-conditioning and fast recovery

    I was racing endure race yesterday when I had nasty crash 50m away from the finish line, because I lost control of bike on a loose gravel. In result i sustained 3rd &4th metacarpal spiral fracture and discollated wrist.

    They managed to fix me in ED. it will take 6-8 weeks to fully heal bones. the next round of the race will be on 8 weeks.

    Whats the best way to prevent de-conditioning my fitness and speed up my healing process?

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    Cross training.....hiking keeps the cardio up. Get a trainer and ride in front of the TV.
    I crashed hard enough on my Tallboy to break my leg,
    The carbon is way more durable than most people.

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    Eat enough to ensure that your body heals properly. Seriously. I lost so much weight while healing from my talus fracture - I had no idea how much energy it takes for your body to heal from an injury. Keep it fueled, and keep it fueled with the right foods.

    Hiking is awesome. Trainer is awesome.

    Positive attitude is even more important. That black cloud of injury-depression can snatch the life and will to heal from you in an instant and then, it's an ultra to get it back. Get outside, be around people, laugh a lot, and find ways to keep your heart and your body moving even when a small part of your body isn't.

    Heal fast!

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