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    Pneumonia recover time?

    Does anyone have experience recovering from pneumonia?
    Here's my situation: 54 years old, racing primarily endurance races, halfway competitive (4th in 50+ NUE in 2011,12,13) and have a full slate of races entered this spring (five 60-100 mile races), with a 24 solo race at the end of May and 24 hour World Championships in September

    Two weeks ago I did an 8 hour training ride when the average temp was 23 degrees, picked up what I assume was a cold several days later. I took it easy the next weekend but by Monday felt horrible. I went to the Doc, diagnosed with pneumonia, and have been on antibiotics for the past four days.

    I'm starting to feel better now, what would be the best thing to do to speed recover and increased lung capacity?

    I'm thinking some light weight workouts and extremely easy rides for a start but I don't want to hinder recovery time by overdoing anything

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    Good luck!

    I had it when I was 13 and i still have some sort of bronchitis from time to time. Your lung capacity just is not the same afterwards. I suggest breathing exercises and maybe taking up some sort of heavy breathing hobby besides cycling. This would most likely help your lungs grow.

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    Gonna be awhile, man. Once the lungs experience even mild seriously impairs lung function dramatically. I would not even begin any strenous breathing, until ALL fluid is out of the lungs. And once you can do that.....the process is almost like a longtime smoker quitting cigarettes. It CAN be done.....just make small, incremental strides and expect about 6-9 months, if over age 40.

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    Thanks for the replies, there's not a lot of info (that I could find) about recovery. I think I'll start off with a long walk today...not quite as much fun a riding

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