Curious if anyone else has a buzzing/pulsating sensation associated with tendonitis?

I have had recurring bouts of PES tendonitis for about 4 years. At its worse, i had a sharp pain and could not go up and down stairs. Fortunately, its become more manageable. Currently, I have a buzzing or throbbing sensation when riding. In years past if I continued to ride on it, it got worse and became painful. Now, I take time off when I feel it coming on and this seems to keep it at bay. I have no swelling, and have been treating it with lots of ice and stretching (foam roller and stretches). My current plan it to take 2 weeks off and see if I can get rid of it altogether. Last year I would take 1-2 days off between rides and it didnt' get worse unless I overdid it.

Curious if anyone else has similar symptoms and what you do to manage it?