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    Overreached and need recovery advice

    Have been trying to not lose my level of fitness through the winter and have been putting in 5-6 hrs/week on the trainer. 1-2 sessions of hard intervals during the week with recovery rides and a 2+ hr session on the weekend. I've been doing leg work at the gym all year, but starting in January I began focusing on building a strength base for this next season. 2 hard sessions/week of legs to nearly failure. I really have not cut down on the trainer time and this last week it all caught up with me. Legs perpetually tired and sore and no real power on the bike. Pretty much exhausted.

    Everything I've read says to take a week off and everything should be fine. The drive to do SOMETHING is so strong..... my brain is screaming that I'll lose it all in one week.

    So... you guys that have been here and survived.... any sage advice on how to get back on track?

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    Chill out. Do something else. Sounds like you're servicing an addiction more than training.

    For me, this is about riding my bike. Actually riding, not doing the trainer. So I haven't ever had this problem. My problem is not being able to fit in as much riding as I'd like with the rest of my life. Though I did have trouble rehabbing a flaky knee several years ago because I'd go out too hard each time I got back on my bike.

    You need a plan.

    So do you compete? Or is this full-bore fitness masochism?

    Power lifting forums and discussion seem to suggest that those guys lift close to fail about half as much as you do. So there's that.

    And it sounds like you now know what you're training tolerance isn't. So you can probably build a weekly plan with either one intervals session mid-week or a shorter trainer ride on the weekend. There's also an idea of doing power lifting at this time of the year and just Zone 2 and tempo type stuff on the bike, then backing off the lifting and boosting intensity on the bike working toward one's 'A' races.

    I doubt there's anything here you don't already know. So if you take away nothing else, make a plan that starts at a lot lower training load than where you are now, works up to a little less, and has rest weeks. I do mine in Excel. I have a tab for the plan itself, with the dates the weeks start and all the races I might go too. I have tabs for logging all my training sessions and all the events I go too. I have a tab with a few sets of daily hours breakdowns for different weekly hours targets. Lately, I have a tab with power records and an estimated power curve. I used to have a tab for weights, but I decided I'd rather ride my bike.

    Anyway, I think preplanning helps me actually do my training that way, and be more consistent.

    I cribbed a lot from The Mountain Biker's Training Bible. I find the Sweet Spot thing a pretty compelling idea and am trying it, but I feel like Friel's approach has helped me lay out a really coherent season, at least through June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrwSwitch View Post
    Sounds like you're servicing an addiction more than training.
    You might be right. When I was running ultras my friends gave me a motto: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing". I am most certainly driven.

    I struggle with the big picture and tend to get lost in the today. It's a weakness and sabotages me time and again. Thank you for your advice. This is why I posted here. I know that there are those in the community that care about our own.

    Yes I compete. But this is the second season back after a really long hiatus. The mind is willing but the body is weak.

    You're right. I need a plan with a little more view towards the long term. Lots of good advice in your post.


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