Long story short:

Mildly sprained my elbow at work but could still ride just had to take it easy. Doc released me on the understanding that I would be gradually worked back up to my full duties as there is plenty I could do that wouldn't have put me ask risk for instant reinjury.

Ya work being asshats they are, "hey he's released forget gradually lets throw the worst machine running we have at him". I work in a plastics factory. Lasted just over 3 hrs and something gave out in that elbow. Right one and im right handed. MRI next week for it.

Summary, can't even get on my bikes, as soon as pressure put on my arms to even mount the saddle pain starts and maintains will on my bike. I made it as far as getting on the saddle before dropping right back off from pain. Though pain gone completely 30secs later when full anger set in. I was ready to choke the life out of whoever made the decision at work to pull that **** and ignore my protests that my elbow wasn't ready.

Now comes where I need help:

Natural ways to speed up healing. Anti-inflammatory, anything else I can do. Treatments at home etc. was doing physical therapy for original injury which i truly think was actually making the injury drag out longer and delay healing. Normally I heal quickly but this one not so much, first sprain that I could still ride with I was at 5+ weeks into it and very slow recovery. And being I can't even get on a bike at all means this is much worse.

I'm desperate here my riding has already been limited by original injury and constant rains, ill loose my mind if I loose the rest of my season due to this.
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