I was riding Sycamore Canyon Park (Riverside, CA) last week with a friend. There's a rocky downhill with a relatively sharp turn at the bottom, that has a large bush on the inside of the turn. I'd ridden this several times and knew what to expect... almost. Factor 1: It has been a very dry week and the surface was much looser than it usually is. Factor 2: Being familiar with this particular part of the ride, I took it faster than I have in the past. Factor 3: I never realized there was a 3-4" drop on the outside of the singletrack with grass and not dirt.

Put all those factors together and it wasn't good. I hit the turn and ducked around the bush, but my rear tire slipped off the edge of the track. It dropped into the grass making it grip even less. The rear tire is sliding out from under me. I'm trying to hold it, but I just can't. Eventually the tire grips a bit, and pushes me to the other side of the trail, where I finally drop the bike completely and land on top of it.

I think as the tire started to slide away from me, I put my inside (left) foot down, because my heel hurt like hell. Then when I hit the ground, it was with my knee, and my kneecap is scraped to hell. My right arm is also hurting quite a lot, I must have still been holding the bar when the bike decided to stop. Finally, I must have hit the seat with my chest because there is significant pain there. I believe I bruised a rib and my heel. I sat there for a while and my friend stopped to help of course. Eventually I decided that nothing was broken and got back on the bike to finish the ride. The bike doesn't seem to have taken any damage from the crash. I did notice that the headset was loose (bike rocking back and forth far too much with front brake applied). As of right now the bike is taken apart in my garage, waiting for me to finish re-building the headset, install new tubes, and new brake pads.

It was quite a doozy of a crash, but thankfully not too serious, especially for my first.