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    Maybe I need a new hobby

    So i was at whistler last week riding in the rain and things were running slow. So this week dirt merchant is all dried out and fast.
    First step up I took the big line to the left and came down in the flat area hard on my front tire and shot straight down to the ground. I twisted so only my left side hit the ground.

    So i have 5 broken ribs, dislocated shoulder. Some fluid in my abdomen and a partly collapsed lung. Will be in the Van hospital for 2-3 days more. I am going back to only playing video games.

    I the most unlucky person in the world

    Broke 2 arms in August and the. My right arm again New Year's Eve. My forts 7 years Mtbing was injury free. Wtf is going on!

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    Yikes! Maybe it's time to dial it back a bit and stick to XC riding?

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    Know thy self. Know thy skills. Know thy limits.

    But always follow thy heart and thy passion.

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    Nothing wrong with walking that gnarly section. I'd rather look like a wuss in front of my friends than be off my bike all season (or longer). That being said, sometimes you can't help a gnarly wreck. Get well soon.

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    Injuries should hold us back a bit when back on the saddle ! Perhaps this has not happened in your case yet. Take it easy !!

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    return to action

    dude i feel ya! been thinking the same thing! what the hell is wrong with me? why do i keep crashing? broke ribs once, severe dislocated shoulder, then most recent a broken radius with a plate put in. damn it! its like i get over and injury, start riding well, then it happens again. mind you, mine werent on big gaps, most stupid stuff. i have only concluded that perhaps i come back and ride hard and get stoked and get myself into trouble. i also tend to crash on easy stuff, so i have figured out that i'm not focusing. i never seem to crash in the gnar, because i'm so dialed in the moment, ya know? i think we are pushing ourselves too quick to be back where we were and it takes time. its little subtle nuances of reading the trail, mechanics, etc that can make or break you if you ride hard like we do. i'm gonna get back on that $%$% bike and i'm gonna work back up, not try to hammer out of the gate. i sure hope it works....

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    I read the title of this thread, and my first thought (as i sit here on my couch attached to an ice machine, unable to walk) was video games. hahaha

    i picked up an xbox right before surgery. It's been better than nothing, but, in all honesty, come on. i cant wait to get back on a bike!!!

    i am so bored of sitting around i'm about to lose it. sorry, i think im ranting now.

    but ya, ive been hurt many a time as well. i should learn how to dial it back, but if the past serves as any indicator of the future, I'll be pushing for progression as usual, and it's only a matter of time before i'm doing crazy shit yet again...

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    Try XC instead of AM or freeride... it's a bit slower, but much safer. People still eat it big (as in broken bones) on a few XC trails depending upon the speed/crash...
    "Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly"

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